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As a business consultancy firm we engaged in following services : Hr Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Franchise Consultant, Insurance Services, Loan Services, Payroll Management, Brand Development & B2B/B2C E-Commerce.

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HR Consulting

Kharid-Dari (Business & Consulting) team of Human Resource Consultants takes care of your organization’s Manpower requirement as per the requirement of the company. We not only hire the best talent for your company but also ensure the effective allocation of the Human Resource to achieve your stipulated goals.
In addition GST as applicable and levied by the Govt. of India will have to be paid extra. 

Marketing Consulting

You’re never going to earn the customers’ attention without penetrating into their crave for a unique and eye-catching marketing campaign. Our team of smart and swift marketing experts offers the best suitable options to give maximum millage to your products.
We form infallible marketing strategy to ensure that in a certain period your cherished product becomes an apple of customers’ eyes.

Franchise Consulting

Our vast and extensive experience of franchising has instilled profound trust in our clients. Whether it is to support an entrepreneur to replicate his successful venture in many places or to make someone’s safe and lucrative investment in remarkable franchisees, we ensure that your inlay keeps on piling up with the passage of time with our round the clock support. Khariddari is a vast and flexible platform that fulfills the demand of investor.

Brand Development

In Marketing brand management is the analysis planning on how that brand is perceived in the market. Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for brand management. Tangible elements of brand management include the product itself; look process the packing etc.

Payroll Management

Khariddari maintains payroll information by designing system; directing the collection, calculation, and entering of data. Updates payroll records by reviewing and approving changes in exemptions, insurance changes in exemptions, insurance coverage, saving deductions, and job titles, and department / division transfers.

Insurance Service

Insurance always remains a shield for the masses to safeguard them from unwanted and unexpected accidents. It depends on the discretion of the individual to ensure his safety first or leisure later. But we suggest all to cover their risks at first. To make their valuables secure and sound we deal in the following insurance segments.